About Me

Steven Martinez is an easy going, glass half full kind of guy and a natural born artist. The 28 year old from Bakersfield has been creating art for as long as he can remember.


"I've always had an itch to create and, realistically can't imagine I'll ever stop."


Short for "Cabron," you can  find, “The Khob,’’ Steven’s signature and artistic alter-ego, transcribed on every piece of work he lays claim to. This slang Spanish moniker doesn’t usually find itself among the nomenclature of art and the community of creators therein. However for Steven Martinez, it’s a term of endearment bestowed upon him from childhood friends that still represents him today.


Martinez received his Bachelor’s degree in 2011, and relocated to South Bay to start building a name for himself in the art community shortly after. Participating in various group shows, Martinez became a stand out among other talented artists in the area. His work has been featured in multiple Online, as well as print publications, and he continues to add to his list accolades while staying true to his artistic values.


In the realm of fine arts, there isn’t a task Martinez hasn’t conquered. A jack of all trades, his skills include sculpting, graphic design, illustration, photography, fashion and even toy design. His fine art work is heavily inspired by surrealism and dream-like imagery; while as a graphic designer, he subscribes to the minimalist approach. Martinez enjoys working & collaborating with artists of kinds, and always welcomes a new perspective to his artistic endeavors.


Presently, Martinez splits his professional time working as the Lead Designer at a branding agency in Costa Mesa, CA while running his own graphic design agency and fine art studio in the Orange County area.


"I love art because it keeps me fresh. It keeps my life new and exciting. I love waking up everyday not knowing what project I'm going to start today."


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